When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them:

“I help business owners get digitally organized and create time.”




When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I help business owners get digitally organized and create time.”


As a productivity coach and Evernote Certified Consultant people tend to assume I've always had it together but this isn't the case. After an 18 year career working in operations and marketing in California for Orange County’s most prestigious real estate firms, I had developed a flair systems and organization. However when I first dove into the world of self employment and set up my business teaching social media skills to the real estate industry, my passion wasn't enough. I found managing my to do list, my contacts, meetings, finances and everything else a real brain drain, I felt chained to my desk and trapped in the business I had created to be free.

It was only when I was at breaking point that I knew I had to take radical action and take back control of my life. This was the beginning of a new life for me, I immersed myself in Evernote and became fascinated by a system that had so much flexibility and hidden features that I could adapt it and make it work for me.

Coupled with the principles of David Allen's book Getting Things Done, Evernote became the most powerful tool in my business allowing me to create a seamless and effortless workflow, attract more clients and untether myself from my desk.

Getting radically productive with Evernote gave me the complete freedom I had craved.

I soon recognized that my passion for organization was far greater than the business I was actually running at the time, I realized it was time to shift to a new venture.

This is when Harmon Enterprises was truly born.

<center>Well that’s the scoop on my professional life.</center></span></p>

I set about teaching what had transformed my life to others. I created Evernote software training, workflow designs and coached client’s on a one-to-one basis and in group programs, empowering them to be effective in a digital world and optimise their productivity.

I don’t work for Evernote so my advocacy of their platform is based on my own personal use and gratitude for the transformation I’ve experiences in my own life through my adoption of Evernote. As one of their biggest fans I was selected to be an Evernote Ambassador which was Evernote's first official advocate program. This has now evolved into the Evernote Community and I am proud to have been one of the communities first Evernote Certified Consultants – the most prestigious of the community designations – in this program that has now grown to over 700 members worldwide.

In 2012, I co-authored Untethered with Evernote: Tips and Workflows for Independent Entrepreneurs, and was a presenter at both the 2013 and 2014 Evernote Conference.

I have done most of this from my home in Austin, Texas but the joy of the work I do and the systems I have set up is that I am completely location independent. This means I can work anywhere and access everything from where ever my wanderlust takes me. This is an incredible lifestyle for a travel addict like me. The world is a big place and my journey has only just begun…


Speaking & Training Services

Hire Stacey Harmon to Present at Your Event

Stacey trains on Evernote and effective digital strategy at conferences and companies all across the nation. An engaging, energetic, and respected speaker, Stacey thrives in bringing "light-bulb" moments and actionable recommendations that create forward progress to her audiences.

Her ability to clearly communicate the business value, opportunity, and strategies for digital success receive continual acclaim.

Each presentation is tailored to the unique needs of your audience. Stacey's style is information rich, organized, and infused with practical case studies designed to resonate with attendees and empower them to take action.

Current Presentations Topics Include:

Networking Transformed with Evernote

Evernote Workflows for REALTOR Productivity

Transforming Task Management with Evernote

Managing Projects with Evernote

Effortless Teamwork: Evernote for Seamless Workflows

Strategies and Tips for Organizing Your Notes in Evernote

Top 10 Evernote Pro Tips for REALTORS

Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Stacey's Evernote for Real Estate courses are certified in the state of Texas for MCE credit. Her Evernote and social media branding courses have also been approved in multiple states for event specific continuing education credit. MCE course outlines are available upon request [indicate in form message below].